We’re Rebecca and Sheridan, co-founders of SELFISH and best friends since forever. We first met each other in one of the most competitive and cut-throat environments in Los Angeles: the pre-school playground. As long time friends, we discovered our love of all things self-care and wellness together. Despite coming from two very different backgrounds, we’ve always found common ground in beauty and wellness — even if we have different hair and skin types.

We’ve been through it all together. We’ve made mistakes like those middle school side bangs, a few too many headband moments, and exacerbating skin sensitivities with drug store masks and fragrances. We’ve learned our lessons and are here to guide you to only the most essential, high quality, emerging brands.

We created SELFISH with the goal of fostering community and to share simple ways to take a moment to take care and indulge in self love!

We are here to remind you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting yourself first, and you may even find that it allows you to grow closer with those who matter most to you. 

Enough about us, it’s time to be

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